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Class Descriptions

Class Levels and Placement
Students are placed according to age, coordination, previous experience, musicality, natural ability, physical endurance and maturity in accepting correction and constructive criticism.
Classes frequently advance as a group, however, students master the skills of dance technique at an individual rate. Some students need more study in the basics before advancing to the next level.
This does not mean that their overall ability and talent is any less significant. Dance levels are not the same as grade levels and a student may spend more than one year at a level before advancing to the next. Students dancing above their class level may be invited to move up to the next level based on teacher evaluation.

Intermediate and Advanced Techniques
As the dancer develops in strength and maturity it is important to design a program that highlight a student's interests and needs. Many dancers choose multiple weekly classes in individual techniques. Teachers strive to combine challenging technique with a sense of fun and personal achievement. Dancers may select from the following dance forms.

Tuition is based on a yearly fee divided into 10 equal monthly installments.

1/2 hour classes

1 hour classes

1 hour 30 min classes

2 hours classes


*Student & Sibling Discounts Available
Ballet -
Formal one hour instruction in classical ballet developing technique at the barre and center floor. This is a far more disciplined form of dance and recommended basically for children at least 7 years old with prior dance experience.

Tap -
Intermediate and advanced tap classes explore intricate rhythms, develop a strong tap vocabulary, and strengthen performance skills. Students study various styles - from the techniques of the 1940s to the funky moves of today.

Pointe -
For qualified students who have had sufficient experience in classical ballet and have developed the strength and technique required to include pointe work in their weekly ballet training. Students must be enrolled in a minimum of 2 weekly ballet classes.

Hip Hop -
Full energy dance form using the latest music and strong funky movements. Learn the latest "street dance" moves.

Jazz -
A creative dance technique set to a wide range of contemporary or Broadway style music. Dancers develop strength with body isolation, jumps, leaps, turns and explore a wide variety of jazz styles.

Lyrical -
Incorporates the techniques of jazz and ballet to result in an expressive dance form that "tells a story" or relates "a feeling".

Modern -
An innovative and creative dance technique that explores inventive movements, techniques of improvisation and the tools of creative choreography. Appropriate for students with a strong background in ballet and jazz.

Mom & Me -
Ages 2 -3yrs. This class provides the opportunity for parents to interact with their child in a fun, yet structured envirorment. This class builds social skills,which includes:

  • following directions
  • listening
  • dancing in groups
  • Helps develop balance
  • coordination poise
  • creative expression
This class prepares the child for the next level of class where they are independent of their parent.

Creative Movement-
The next level of class where the child is independent of their parent.

Pre ballet -
1/2 hr instruction for ages 3-4yrs old and 5-6yr.

Combo classes -
Ballet / tap , ballet/jazz, jazz/tap
1 hour long classes.
3-4yrs and 5-6yr. 7-9yr.

Teacher Invitation

Students interested in dance competition and local performances need to develop a well-rounded program, which includes ballet, tap and or jazz/modern. The technique of each dance form overlaps to develop a well-rounded performer. Therefore, we encourage serious dancers to register for weekly classes in tap, ballet, jazz or modern. Advanced dancers should register for multiple weekly classes in the individual dance forms and may be interested in the teacher training program where they can develop teaching skills by working as class assistants.

Weekly attendance, strong technique, and Ballet classes are mandatory.


Proper dance attire must be worn for all classes. Leotards and tights of any color.
Ballet III & up -
Black leotard and pink tights.
Tap & Jazz -
Leotards and tights/shorts or dance pants.
Hip Hop -
Dance attire or workout clothes.
No jeans, street clothes or oversized sweatshirts. Hair must be in a bun for ballet & pulled up for all other classes. Please remove jewelry.

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